qSTAR qPCR Primer Panels

Gene expression profiling for cancer pathways

Oncology-focused qSTAR qPCR primer panels are designed to detect pathway-specific genes in a variety of cancer types. Our broad range of coverage in cancer-focused pathways allows researchers to evaluate gene expression data in a single SYBR Green-based real-time qPCR experiment. The primers are meticulously designed and validated using OriGene's proprietary primer design algorithm developed from > 10,000 qPCR experiments.

  • Spanning exon junctions to avoid genomic DNA amplification
  • Uniform Tm for multi-target detection in a single run
  • Validated and guaranteed to provide reliable data using internal controls
Breast Cancer 1
Breast Cancer Panel I - Normal Tissue versus Cancer


  • Measure gene expression levels in multiple stages of cancers
  • Gene expression profiling in key regulatory pathways
Breast Cancer 2
Breast Cancer Panel I - Reproducibility Test

qSTAR qPCR Primer Panels

qPCR primer panels are arrayed in PCR plates from Abgene (AB-0600). According to the plate manufacturer, the plates will fit in the following machines:
Standard thermocyclers
qPCR thermocyclers

  • ABI Prism 7000, 7700, 7300, 7500, and 9500 (except fast block formats)
  • BioRad iCycler and MyiQ
  • Stratagene MX4000, MX3000p, and MX3005p

If your thermocycler is not listed, please contact Technical Support for our customized plating service.