MycoTrackTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit w/ Internal Amplification Control (IAC)

OriGene provides a highly sensitive Mycoplasma detection kit (MycoTrackTM) – which uses the simple principle of PCR. 95% of Mycoplasma contamination comes from A. laidlawii, M. arginini, M. fermentans, M. hyorhinis, M. hominis and M. orale. MycoTrackTM can detect these common contaminants, as well as M. pneumoniae, M. salivarium, M. synoviae, and Ureaplasma species . OriGene’s MycoTrackTM differs from other detection kits in that the size of the internal amplification control (IAC) is almost 400bp larger than Mycoplasma DNA, which enhances clarity during result interpretation.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • No need for an external control:
    IAC (internal amplification control is included in the PCR pre-mix to validate individual PCR reactions
  • Consistent results:
    Primers are designed to target the most conserved region of the organism – 16s rRNA coding region
  • Highly specific:
    Eukaryotic and other bacterial DNA are no amplified
  • Simple technique:
    Uses the simplest molecular biology mechanism – PCR
  • Easy interpretation:
    The Mycoplasma indicating band [~250-300 bp] and IAC [700 bp] produce 2 separate, distinct bands
Catalog No. Description
NP100050 MycoTrackTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit w/ IAC (25 tests)

How Does the MycoTrackTM Mycoplasma Detection Kit Compare to Others on the Market?

The MycoTrackTM Mycoplasma Detection kit has been effectively designed to detect 10-10,000 copies of Mycoplasma DNA in a sample. With a sensitivity of 10-100 fg DNA/reaction, OriGene's MycoTrackTM Mycoplasma Detection kit outperforms other detection kits on the market. This kit is provided as PCR pre-mix [containing dNTPs, polymerase, and IAC in single vial] - a small but simple resolution for Mycoplasma contamination detection.