Custom gRNA Cloning Service

OriGene’s all in one CRISPR/Cas vectors and T7 vector system can serve your genome editing needs. To provide convenience to you, we offer target sequence cloning service into any of OriGene’s CRISPR/Cas vectors

  • Cost-effective
  • Fast, 7-10 days
  • Two options, OriGene target sequence design or self design

There are two modes of service:

  • Self-design:
    Customers provide the target sequences, choose a vector and OriGene constructs the plasmid.
  • OriGene-design:
    Customers provide around 100 bp genome sequence and OriGene designs the target sequences using our proprietary gRNA design tool.

Click on a service above to fill out the request form. Be sure to click on “Submit” button, then save the quote. When placing an order, please refer the catalog number on the request form