pRFP-CB-shLenti shRNA Vector

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HuSH shRNA RFP Lenti Cloning Vector (pRFP-CB-shLenti Vector), 5 ug

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Control Type Negative
Fluorescent Label RFP
Bacterial selection marker Chloramphenicol
Mammalian selection marker Blasticidin
Viral Packaging Lentiviral
Feature pRFP-CB-shLenti vector is a third generation Lentivector which requires the viral components carried in other vectors to produce viral particles. There are three major functional elements within the 5LTR and 3LTR: a shRNA expression cassette driven by an U6 promoter, a blasticidin resistant gene driven by a SV40 promoter and a tRFP gene driven by a CMV promoter. All of them can be packaged to viral particles and transduced to many cell lines. The bacterial selection marker for the vector is Chloramphenicol.
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