Klf9 (NM_010638) Mouse Untagged Clone

CAT#: MC208824

Klf9 (untagged) - Mouse Kruppel-like factor 9 (Klf9), (10ug)

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Product Data
Type Mouse Untagged Clone
Tag Tag Free
Symbol Klf9
Synonyms 2310051E17Rik; AA589643; BTEB-1; Bteb1; ENSMUSG00000055440; Gm9971
Vector pCMV6-Entry
E. coli Selection Kanamycin (25 ug/mL)
Mammalian Cell Selection Neomycin
Sequence Data
>MC208824 representing NM_010638
Red=Cloning site Blue=ORF Orange=Stop codon



Sequencher program is needed, download here.
Restriction Sites SgfI-MluI     
ACCN NM_010638
Insert Size 735 bp
OTI Disclaimer Due to the inherent nature of this plasmid, standard methods to replicate additional amounts of DNA in E. coli are highly likely to result in mutations and/or rearrangements. Therefore, OriGene does not guarantee the capability to replicate this plasmid DNA. Additional amounts of DNA can be purchased from OriGene with batch-specific, full-sequence verification at a reduced cost. Please contact our customer care team at custsupport@origene.com or by calling 301.340.3188 option 3 for pricing and delivery.

The molecular sequence of this clone aligns with the gene accession number as a point of reference only. However, individual transcript sequences of the same gene can differ through naturally occurring variations (e.g. polymorphisms), each with its own valid existence. This clone is substantially in agreement with the reference, but a complete review of all prevailing variants is recommended prior to use. More info
Product Components The ORF clone is ion-exchange column purified and shipped in a 2D barcoded Matrix tube containing 10ug of transfection-ready, dried plasmid DNA (reconstitute with 100 ul of water).
Reconstitution 1. Centrifuge at 5,000xg for 5min.
2. Carefully open the tube and add 100ul of sterile water to dissolve the DNA.
3. Close the tube and incubate for 10 minutes at room temperature.
4. Briefly vortex the tube and then do a quick spin (less than 5000xg) to concentrate the liquid at the bottom.
5. Store the suspended plasmid at -20°C. The DNA is stable for at least one year from date of shipping when stored at -20°C.
Reference Data
RefSeq BC138725, AAI38726
RefSeq Size 3263 bp
RefSeq ORF 735 bp
Locus ID 16601
Cytogenetics 19 B

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