Fibroblasts (Pan Reticular) Rat Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: ER-TR7]

CAT#: BM4018S

Fibroblasts (Pan Reticular) rat monoclonal antibody, clone ER-TR7, Purified

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Clone Name ER-TR7
Applications FC, IF, IHC
Recommended Dilution Immunohistochemistry on Frozen Sections (Ref.1,2): Sections were stained using an Iindirect immunoperoxidase method (Ref.1).
Immunohistochemistry on Paraffin Sections: Formalin fixed paraffin sections were deparafined, hydrated in ethanol and stained with ER-TR7 for 30’at RT (Ref.3).
Flow Cytometry: Splenocytes were incubated with ER-TR7 for 30’ (Ref.4).
Immunofluorescence (Ref.4-6): Acetone or PFA fixed cells were quenched with 50mM NH4Cl for 30’, blocked and permeabilized with 1.5% Goat serum/0.1% saponin in PBS for 45’ ate RT. Incubation of ER-TR-7 in block&perm solution for 45’ at RT. Specific staining was detected with a fluorescent conjugated Goat anti-Rat-IgG (Ref.5). 
Positive Control: Spleen.
Negative Control: Lymphoid cells. 
Typical Starting Working Dilutions: 1/50 for Immunohistochemistry and Flow Cytometry.
Reactivities Human, Mouse
Host Rat
Isotype IgG2a
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen Mouse thymic stromal cells.
Specificity This Monoclonal antibody ER-TR7 recognizes with an intracellular component of Mouse Fibroblasts.
The ER-TR7 antigen is a ubiquitous component of stromal (interstitial) matrix cartilage and of at least some basement membrane zones. The antigen detected is not a basement membrane component, nor any major collagen type or fibronectin. The antigen detected has a wider tissue distribution than reticulin. ER-TR7 detects an intracellular component of fibroblasts. Since ER-TR7 does not react with purified laminin, collagen types I-V, fibronectin, heparin sulfate proteoglycan, entactin or nidogen, it detects a hitherto uncharacterized antigen. 
The Monoclonal antibody ER-TR7 can be used to study the micro-anatomy of various organs. ER-TR7 outlines the various compartments of peripheral lymphoid organs by characteristic labeling patterns (no such compartments are found in central lymphoid organs). Furthermore ER-TR7 delineates various types of connective tissue compartments in nonlymphoid organs.
The antibody ER-TR7 detects reticular fibroblasts, which constitute the cellular framework of lymphoid and nonlymphoid organs and their products. ER-TR7 is useful to clearly delineated the follicles, periarteriolar lymphoid sheath and marginal zone; the major white pulp compartments. Furthermore in lymph nodes, the capsule, sinuses, follicles, paracortex and medullary cords are clearly delineated.
Formulation PBS
State: Purified
State: Liquid 0.2 µm filtered Ig fraction
Stabilizer: 0.1% BSA
Preservative: 0.02% Sodium Azide
Concentration lot specific
Purification Affinity Chromatography on Protein G
Conjugation Unconjugated

Store undiluted at 2-8°C.

Stability Shelf life: one year from despatch.

Background Fibroblasts are the least specialized cells in the connective-tissue family. They are dispersed in connective tissue throughout the body, where they secrete a nonrigid extracellular matrix (ECM) that is rich in type I and/or type III collagen. Conective tissue consists of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans and glycoproteins through which various fibres run. These fibres can be collagenous, elastic or reticular. Reticular fibres are composed from the family of collagen proteins and give tensile strength. These fibres are made by reticular fibroblasts. The activation of fibroblasts by inflammatory stimuli results in their migration, proliferation and deposition of extracellular matrix components, important features involved in both wound healing and fibrosis.
Synonyms Fibroblast Marker, Fibroblasten
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