The Power of Protein

We Serve proteins made from human cells

Not all proteins are created equal. Like people who prefer food that are organic, scientists in the research community prefer to use proteins that are made from human cells, not E.coli or insect.

Powered by our collection of TrueORF human cDNA clones, the scientists at OriGene have expressed over 10,000 full length human proteins and lysates from human cells (HEK293 cell).

The advantages of proteins made from human cells are the optimal preservation of protein structure and post-translational modifications, which presumably keep the function of the protein. These proteins are ideal for drug discovery, antibody production, positive controls, assay development, and protein to protein interaction study. You may learn more about our protein portfolio.

Share the Power of Protein with Fun and Prizes

'Protein' is derived from the Greek word meaning 'occupying first place.' The definition emphasizes the primary importance of protein to all living things. To share the power of protein with you, we will introduce various fun activities and giveaways throughout the year. Please visit this page periodically for the latest updates and surprises.

Current Activity – Nominate your protein and enter to win a brand new Apple® Watch!

We have identified 5 proteins that are hot in the cancer research field. We would like to invite you to share your opinion. Simply cast your vote and enter for a chance to win an Apple® Watch Series 4.

Congratulations to Smitha R. from Moffitt Cancer Center on winning the "Name Your Protein" game.

Past Activity – Complete a short survey on "Where do you get your protein?" and win a brand new Apple® Watch!

Simply spend 30 seconds to answer a few protein related questions, you will automatically enter a sweepstakes to win an Apple® Watch Series 4.

Congratulations to Richard H. from St. Jude Children's Hospital on winning the Protein Survey Sweepstakes.

Next Activity - To be announced

To be announced. Please visit this page regularly to find out our next fun activity.

The House of Protein

The human proteins served from OriGene come with diverse formats. Check them out!

Selected Customer Testimonials

"We are very happy with the HSD17B13 protein form Origene and found great quality form our internal quality control."

"We are very happy with the protein purity and the outstanding customer service. The protein performance is variable but in general they are very good and compatible with our system."