Human REG1 alpha (REG1A) ELISA KIT (1 x 96 wells)

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Human PSP/REG1A ELISA Kit for the detection of Human PSP/REG1A in serum, plasma and other biological fluids.

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    • 1 x 96 wells

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Product Data
Format 8x12 divisible strips
Assay Type Sandwich ELISA kit of Quantitative Detection for Human PSP/REG1A
Assay Length 3.5 hours incubations; 1 hour washing and analyzing samples
Signal Colorimetric
Curve Range 15.6pg/ml-1000pg/ml
Sample Type Human serum, plasma and other biological fluids.
Sample Volume 100µl
Specificity This kit is used for quantitative detection of Human PSP/REG1A
Sensitivity 5.3pg/ml
Reactivities Human
Cross Reactivity There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
Interference No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
  • PSP/REG1A Antibody Coated 96-well Plate in foil pouch with desiccant|1 plate
  • Recombinant Human PSP/REG1A Standard (50ng/ml)|0.1 mL
  • 100x Biotinylated Human PSP/REG1A Detection Antibody|0.12 mL
  • 100x Peroxidase Conjugate|0.12 mL
  • Assay Buffer|30 mL
  • Sample Diluent|15 mL
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate 20X|60 mL
  • TMB Substrate|12 mL
  • Stop Solution|12 mL
Background Pancreatic stone protein (PSP), also known as lithostathine, and regenerating protein (REG1A). It is a secreted, type I subclass member of the regenerating protein family. Mature human PSP/REG1A shares 76% and 69% aa sequence identity with mouse and rat PSP/REG1A, respectively. PSP/REG1A is constitutively expressed by pancreatic acinar cells, and is also induced in proliferating cell types such as colonic epithelium, islet beta-cells, and multiple tumor types. The 16 kDa precursor of PSP/REG1A has been observed mainly in the pancreas and is transiently elevated in acute and chronic pancreatitis. PSP/REG1A has been found both in blood and pancreatic secretions. PSP/REG1A plays a role in blocking apoptosis, and is upregulated by both IL-22 and IL-6. Under healthy conditions PSP/REG1A is expressed at low levels in the pancreas. Upon focal or systemic inflammation, PSP/REG1A is strongly increased. PSP/REG1A is elevated in various conditions such as sepsis, ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exacerbation, and type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). These observations indicated that PSP/REG1A might respond to infectious conditions and organ failure. The use of the PSP/REG1A as a biomarker has been confirmed the high diagnostic accuracy for sepsis. In addition, evidences obtained regarding PSP/REG1A and its isoforms on regeneration, growth and mitogenesis in gastrointestinal neoplastic diseases suggest that PSP/REG1A can be used as biomarker in the prediction of prognosis for neoplastic diseases.
Gene Symbol REG1A
Gene ID 5967
Standard Curve
Data image for REG1 alpha (REG1A) ELISA Kit.
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