Human AMH ELISA KIT (1 x 96 wells)

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Human AMH ELISA Kit for the detection of Human AMH in serum, plasma and other biological fluids.

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    • 1 x 96 wells

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Product Data
Format 8x12 divisible strips
Assay Type Sandwich ELISA kit of Quantitative Detection for Human AMH
Assay Length 3.5 hours incubations; 1 hour washing and analyzing samples
Signal Colorimetric
Curve Range 46.88pg/ml-3000pg/ml
Sample Type Human serum, plasma and other biological fluids.
Sample Volume 100µl
Specificity This kit is used for quantitative detection of Human AMH
Sensitivity 12.9pg/ml
Reactivities Human
Cross Reactivity There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
Interference No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
  • AMH Antibody Coated 96-well Plate in foil pouch with desiccant|1 plate
  • Recombinant Human AMH Standard (150ng/ml)|0.1 mL
  • Biotinylated Human AMH Detection Antibody|0.12 mL
  • 100x Peroxidase Conjugate|0.12 mL
  • Assay Buffer|30 mL
  • Sample Diluent|15 mL
  • Wash Buffer Concentrate 20X|60 mL
  • TMB Substrate|12 mL
  • Stop Solution|12 mL
Background Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH), also known as Müllerian-inhibiting hormone (MIH) or Müllerian inhibiting substance (MIS). Wild-type human AMH protein is synthesized as a disulfide-linked dimer of two identical 70-kDa polypeptides, which undergoes proteolytic processing to generate a 110-kDa N-terminal dimer and a bioactive 25-kDa TGF-β-like C-terminal dimer. The N-terminal dimer interacts with C-terminal dimer via non-covalent bond to form a bioactive complex that binds to its Type 2 receptor AMHR2. AMH is critical to sex differentiation during fetal development and is a predictor for ovarian response in in vitro fertilization and useful in fertility assessment. In addition, AMH has been shown to be a biomarker for diagnosis as well as monitoring for recurrences of ovarian tumors of granulosa cell origin, and a biomarker of polycystic ovary syndrome and Turner Syndrome.
Gene Symbol AMH
Gene ID 268
Standard Curve
Data image for Hu AMH ELISA kit.
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