Vsx2 (N-term) Sheep Polyclonal Antibody

CAT#: AP05112PU-N

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Vsx2 (N-term) sheep polyclonal antibody, Purified

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Applications IHC, WB
Recommended Dilution Western Blot: 0.5-1.0 mg/ml.
Detects a 46 kDa band in Mouse and Rat retinal tissue lysates.
Immunohistochemistry on Frozen Sections. 
Suitable for use against recombinant proteins conjugated to OVA, GST, His tags and other.
Reactivities Mouse, Rat
Host Sheep
Isotype IgG
Clonality Polyclonal
Immunogen A recombinant protein corresponding to amino acids 1 to 131 derived from the N-terminal of the Human Chx10 protein conjugated to GST.
Specificity This antibody recognizes chx 10 (N-Term).
Formulation PBS containing 0.08% Sodium Azide as preservative
State: Purified
State: Liquid purified IgG fraction
Concentration lot specific
Purification Ammonium Sulfate Precipitation
Conjugation Unconjugated
Storage Upon receipt, store undiluted (in aliquots) at -20°C.
Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Stability Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Predicted Protein Size 46 kDa
Gene Name Mus musculus visual system homeobox 2 (Vsx2), transcript variant 2
Background Chx10 is a 46kDa homeodomain protein of the paired-like class that is essential for development of the mammalian eye. Mutations in Chx10 cause microphthalmia, a cause of congenital blindness in humans, and the ocular retardation (or) phenotype in mice. In the developing mouse retina Chx10 is expressed in retinal progenitors, while in the mature retina, Chx10 expression becomes restricted to bipolar neurons. Concurrent with these expression patterns, the Chx10-/- (or) retina is thin due to a defect in proliferation of retinal progenitors, and lacks bipolar neurons. Chx10 is also expressed in the developing brainstem, thalamus, and spinal cord.
Synonyms HOX10
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