Gene Synthesis and Molecular Biology Services

OriGene and Blue Heron: Working together to build any DNA construct you design

OriGene now provides gene synthesis services through its preferred vendor Blue Heron. As a pioneer of the gene synthesis industry, Blue Heron distinguishes itself as the “Gold Standard of Gene Synthesis” by being the first company to:

  • Deliver a 52kb gene,
  • Synthesize a megabase of DNA in a month
  • Be the sole supplier for the first synthetic genome

Blue Heron gene synthesis service is flexible to accommodate projects from single gene synthesis to whole genome synthesis. Our service include:

  • Codon Optimized Sequences for any species (Free online tool)
  • Complex sequence synthesis (GC rich, complex repeats and hairpin structures)
  • Variant single and pooled clone libraries
  • Variants to improve antibody affinity
  • Whole genome synthesis
  • Custom vector synthesis and cloning
  • Synthesize a template for shRNAs
  • Large Scale Plasmid Prep of synthesized genes
  • Learn more about BlueHeron...

Technical Support

Our scientists will answer your technical questions from 9AM to 7PM ET. Call: 1-425-368-5000 or US 1-(888) 368-5923