Integration-deficient Lentiviral Particles (IDLV)

What is IDLV and How is it produced?

Integration-deficient lentiviral particles don't integrate into host genome. IDLV can be produced using a special lenti packaging kit - integration deficient (SKU TR30036)

Do IDLV infect similar cell types?

Yes, the cell spectrum does not change, the same as regular lentivirus.

Is IDLV mediated gene expression/knockdown transient?

Yes, the lenti vector will be lost after around one week of transduction because it does not integrate into the genome.

What applications can IDLV be utilized?

Transient expression is needed, long-term or genomic insertion is not preferred. In CRISPR-mediated genome editing, IDLV can be used to delivery CRISPR/Cas9 and donor vectors.

Comparison of Regular Lentivirus vs integration-deficient lentivirus (IDLV)

Lentviral IDLV Diagram

GFP Delivered by IDLV Was Transiently Expressed

OriGene Lentviral GFP Integration
GFP lentivirus transduced HEK293 cells, normal lentivirus (WT) or integration-deficient (IDLV). GFP positive cells were measured with FACS sorting.

IDLV Delivers Functional CRISPR Without Cas9 Footprint

OriGene Lentviral IDLV Validation

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