2022 National Society for Histotechnology

2022 AACR annual meeting OriGene

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National society for histotechnology is one of the largest educational event to promote and educate histologist. OriGene is proud to be an exhibitor at this event. Look out for our Ph.D. level support at booth 117 and talk to them about our research solutions. A little more about how we empower your research.

  • We provide high-quality, ultra-specific , IHC-validated antibodies for your research.
  • CytoSections: Our unique solution for tissue controls. Learn more »
  • Our Tissue repository with 140000+ tissues for cancer and other markers
  • Our genomic wide coverage of cDNA clones including expression validated plasmids

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  • Custom Antibody Development- IHC
  • CytoSections
  • Custom Assay Development
  • Marketing/ Management

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Our Workshop

Presenter: Dr. Rachel Gonzalez

Title: Improve your controls with cDNA-created CytoSections

Date and Time: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm, Saturday, Oct 15, 2022

Our Poster Presentation

Presenter: Jina Yom

Title: Different expression patterns of MAGEA3 and MAGEA4 in lung cancer.

Download the Abstract here

Meet Our Team

meet our team

Tools to empower your research

OriGene offers more than 25,000 monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and sensitivity. We use advanced technologies to generate better antigens and validate antibodies through multiple applications and protein samples. Download our product brochures and find out how we can help you empower your cancer research.

Product Focus: CytoSection – An ideal alternative for control tissues

CytoSections are ready-to-use FFPE sections of cell pellets expressing targeted protein derived from gene-specific cDNA clones. These have been tested for IHC and ISH assays, hence they are an ideal tool for laboratories working on new biomarker discovery and antibody development. Learn more about CytoSections by Dr. Rachel Gonzalez here.

Try our high quality antibodies just for $99/€99

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