pRS shRNA Vector

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HuSH shRNA Retroviral Cloning Vector (pRS Vector), 5 ug

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    • 5 ug

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Product Data
Control Type Negative
Fluorescent Label None
Viral Packaging Retroviral
Feature The HuSH pRS plasmid vector incorporates all the elements as above two vectors with the absence of a fluorescence marker. The bacterial selection marker for pRS vector is ampicillin and the mammalian selection can still be achieved with puromycin.
Download Vector Sequence
Components 1 vial of 5 ug lyophilized pRS shRNA cloning vector
Quality Control This vector was sequence verified and functionally validated.
Storage Store the vector DNA at -20°C.
Stability Vector DNA is stable for at least one year from date of receipt when stored at -20°C.


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