pCMV6-Entry2 Mammalian Expression Vector

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pCMV6-Entry2, mammalian vector with C-terminal Myc-DDK tag, 10ug

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    • 10 ug

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Product Data
C-Tag Myc-DDK
E. coli Selection Kanamycin (25 ug/mL)
Mammalian Cell Selection Neomycin
  • pCMV6-Entry2 vector is the secondary entry vector for TrueORF clones, This vector is used when the insert is difficult to be cloned into the primary entry vector, pCMV6-Entry.
  • pCMV6-Entry2 vector exhibits the same functional properties of pCMV6-Entry, including kanamycin-resistance in E.coli, Neomycin-resistance in mammalian cells, protein expression driven by CMV. The multiple cloning sites are also identical to pCMV6-Entry.
  • ORFs cloned in this vector will be expressed in mammalian cells as a tagged protein with the C-terminal Myc-DDK tags. (DDK is the same as FLAG® which is a registered trademark of Sigma Aldrich).
  • Such clones are the best for detection and purification of the transgene using anti-Myc or anti-DDK antibodies.
  • Serve as the entry vector in the PrecisionShuttle system to transfer the ORF sequence into any destination vectors for other tagging options or other expression platforms.
Download Vector Sequence
Schematic of the multiple cloning sites

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