Mouse CD70/TNFSF7/cd27L ELISA Kit

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Mouse CD70/TNFSF7/cd27L ELISA Kit

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3 Weeks

    • 96-Well

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Description Mouse CD70/TNFSF7/cd27L ELISA Kit
Size 96-well
Format 8×12 divisible strips
Assay Type Sandwich ELISA kit of Quantitative Detection for Mouse CD70/TNFSF7/cd27L
Assay Length 3.5 hours incubations; 1 hour washing and analyzing samples
Signal Colorimetric
Curve Range 31.2pg/ml-2000pg/ml
Sample Type Cell culture supernates, serum and plasma(heparin, EDTA).
Sample Volume 100 ul
Specificity This kit is used for quantitative detection of mouse CD70
Sensitivity <10pg/ml
Reactivity Mouse
Cross Reactivity There is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
Interference No significant interference observed with available related molecules.
  • 96-well plate precoated with anti- mouse CD70 antibody 1
  • Lyophilized recombinant mouse CD70 standard 10ng/tubex2
  • Biotinylated anti- mouse CD70 antibody 130ul(dilution 1:100)
  • Avidin-Biotin-Peroxidase Complex (ABC) 130ul(dilution 1:100)
  • Sample diluent buffer 30 ml
  • Antibody diluent buffer 12ml
  • ABC diluent buffer 12ml
  • TMB color developing agent 10ml
  • TMB stop solution 10ml
Background CD70(Cluster of Differentiation 70), also known as TNFSF7 or CD27L, is a ligand for CD27. This gene is mapped to 19p13.3. CD70 is a surface antigen found on activated, but not resting, T and B lymphocytes. It has been found that CD70 induced proliferation of costimulated T cells and enhanced generation of cytolytic T cells. CD70 is homologous to the ligands of the TNF receptor family, including TNF-alpha, TNF-beta, and the CD40 ligand, showing 19 to 24% amino acid sequence identity in the extracellular region.
Gene Symbol Cd70
Gene ID 21948
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