Cd4 Rat Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: GK1.5]

CAT#: AM26029LE-N

Rat monoclonal anti-CD4 antibody, cloneGK1.5, Low Endotoxin

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Product Data
Clone Name GK1.5
Recommend Dilution IHC, ICC/IF, FC, IP, Assay
Reactivity Mouse
Host Rat
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen Mouse CTL clone V4 cells
Isotype IgG2b
Formulation Azide free phosphate buffered saline (PBS), approx. pH 7.4; 0.2 um filter sterilized
Purification Protein-A affinity chromatography (> 95% pure by SDS-PAGE)
Predicted Protein Size ~51.7kDa
Gene Name CD4 antigen
Background CD4 is a single chain transmembrane glycoprotein of immunoglobulin supergene family. In its extracellular region there are 4 immunoglobulin-like domains (1 Ig-like V-type and 3 Ig-like C2-type). The intracellular region of CD4 associates with p56Lck, a Src-like protein tyrosine kinase. It was described that CD4 segregates into specific detergent-resistant T-cell membrane microdomains. CD4 binds to MHC class II molecules (by CDR2-like region in CD4 domain 1), HIV envelope protein gp120 (by CDR2-like region in CD4 domain 1) and other ligands, such as IL-16 (by to CD4 domain 3) or L-selectin. CD4 is a co-receptor involved in immune response (co-receptor activity in binding to MHC class II molecules) and HIV infection. CD4 regulates T-cell activation, T/B-cell adhesion, T-cell diferentiation, T-cell selection and signal transduction. Defects in antigen presentation (MHC class II) cause dysfunction of CD4+ T-cells and their almost complete absence in patients blood, tissue and organs (SCID immunodeficiency).
Synonyms L3T4|Ly-4
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