CellPainter™ Vector

All CellPainter™ Organelle marker plasmids are constructed using OriGene’s TrueORF destination vectors. The fluorescent protein tags (turboGFP or turboRFP) are fused at the N- or C-terminal end of the marker protein.

Vector SKU Tags Sequence
pCMV6-AC-GFP PS100010 tGFP
pCMV6-AN-GFP PS100019 tGFP
pCMV6-AC-RFP PS100034 tRFP
pCMV6-AN-RFP PS100033 tRFP

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pcMV6-AC-GFP Vector Image
pcMV6-AN-GFP Vector Image
pcMV6-AC-RFP Vector Image
pcMV6-AN-GFP Vector Image