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Human Motilin Receptor MLNR Stable cell Line - CHO-K1

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Description Human Motilin Receptor MLNR Stable cell Line - CHO-K1
Accn NM_001507
Synonyms GPR38; MTLR1
Host Cell CHO-K1
Format Cryopreserved cells, 6 x 10E6 cells/vial
Mycoplasma Negative by MycoAlert Kit, Lonza
Cell Line Validation Function assay: Calcium dose-response for moltilin stimulation
Background Motilin Receptors (MLNRs) are Gq/11-protein-coupled receptors that mediate progastrokinetic effects. MLNRs are found at their highest concentrations in the nerves of the antral wall of the stomach and are also found at significant levels throughout the smooth muscle of the upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract and in the enteric nervous system. Motilin receptor promotes gastric emptying after food intake and increases smooth muscle contraction in the GI tract, and thus, is clinically a potential drug target for the treatment of hypomotility disorders.
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