Cnot6l Mouse Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR)

CAT#: KN303564

Cnot6l - mouse gene knockout kit via CRISPR

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 HDR-mediated knockout kit validation

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4 Weeks

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Product Data
Symbol Cnot6l
Locus ID 231464
Kit Components

KN303564G1, Cnot6l gRNA vector 1 in pCas-Guide vector

KN303564G2, Cnot6l gRNA vector 2 in pCas-Guide vector

KN303564-D, donor DNA containing Left and right homologous arms and GFP-puro functional cassette.

GE100003, scramble sequence in pCas-Guide vector

Disclaimer The kit is designed based on the best knowledge of CRISPR technology. The system has been functionally validated for knocking-in the cassette downstream the native promoter. The efficiency of the knock-out varies due to the nature of the biology and the complexity of the experimental process.
Reference Data
RefSeq BC018506, NM_001285511, NM_001285514, NM_144910, NM_178854, XM_006534870, XM_006534871, XM_006534872
Synonyms 4932442K20Rik; 4932442K20Rik
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