PR3 (PRTN3) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: PR3-G2]

CAT#: AM26220PU-N

PR3 (PRTN3) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone PR3-G2, Purified

Conjugation: Unconjugated FITC

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Clone Name PR3-G2
Applications ELISA, IHC, WB
Recommended Dilution Western blot: The typical starting working dilution is 1:50.
Flow cytometry: The typical starting working dilution is 1:50.
Immunohistochemistry on frozen sections: The typical starting working dilution is 1:50.
Reactivities Human
Host Mouse
Isotype IgG1
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen A crude granule extract
Specificity Monoclonal antibody PR3G-2 reacts with human proteinase 3 (PR3), a 30 kDa protein.
Formulation PBS
State: Purified
State: Liquid 0.2 µm filtered Ig fraction
Stabilizer: 0.1% bovine serum albumin
Concentration lot specific
Purification Protein G
Conjugation Unconjugated

Store at 2 - 8 °C.

Stability Shelf life: one year from despatch.

Gene Name proteinase 3
Background PR3 is a major antigen recognized by autoantibodies directed against cytoplasmic proteins of neutrophilic granulocytes and monocytes (called anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies (ANCA)). ANCA are able to activate primed neutrophils to produce oxygen radicals and release lytic enzymes, including PR3. Proteinase 3 (PR3) was identified as the target antigen of ANCA in Wegener's granulomatosis (WG). ANCA directed against PR3 (PR3-ANCA) can interfere with the binding of PR3 to its physiological inhibitor alpha1-antitrypsin (alpha1-AT) and with the proteolytic activity of PR3. At the site of inflammation, PR3 can cleave the PR3-ANCA complex between these inhibiting ANCA and PR3 itself, leaving active PR3. Autoantibodies to PR3 are potent activators of the 5-lipoxygenase pathway in primed human neutrophils. Extracellular free arachidonic acid, as present at an inflammatory focus, synergizes with such autoantibodies to evoke full-blown lipid mediator generation, granule secretion and respiratory burst. Proteinase 3 (PR3) is a neutral serine proteinase, which is localized in the azurophilic granules of neutrophils and in granules of monocytes and can be detected in the membrane of secretory vesicles. PR3 degrades a number of extracellular matrix proteins such as elastin and inactivates human C1 inhibitor. Membrane-associated PR3 is also able to activate caspase-3 without triggering apoptosis of neutrophils, which is possibly a neutrophil survival mechanism. In addition, PR3 is involved in myeloid differentiation and is, therefore, also called myeloblastin.
Synonyms Myeloblastin, MBN, Leukocyte proteinase 3, Proteinase 3, PRTN3, PR-3, Neutrophil proteinase 4, NP-4, P29, Wegener autoantigen, AGP7
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