Forward sequencing primer VP1.5, Reverse sequencing primer XL39, 100pmoles each

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Reconstitution 1. Carefully open the tube and add 10 ul of dH2O to generate a 10 uM stock.
2. Let the tube sit for 10 minutes at room temperature, or 4C overnight.
3. Briefly vortex the tube and then do a quick spin to concentrate the liquid at the bottom.
4. The primer stock is now ready to be added to a DNA sequencing reaction (1ul=10pmol).

DNA sequencing from the 5` end of the cDNA insert should be performed with VP1.5 (5`-GGACTTTCCAAAATGTCG-3`) whose priming site is located ~120 bp upstream of the polylinker. DNA sequencing from the 3` end of the cDNA insert should be performed with XL39 (5`ATTAGGACAAGGCTGGTGGG-3`) whose priming site is located ~70 bp downstream of the polylinker. Do not use other common sequencing primers such as M13rev or T7 as these are not always unique in OriGene vectors. To obtain a high quality sequencing signal, use 1 ul of primer in an automated DNA sequencing reaction containing 100ng of OriGene TrueClone plasmid DNA. OriGene used 1 ul of Big Dye® v1.1 (Applied Biosystems; Foster City CA) in a 10 ul reaction volume to end-sequence the TrueClone collection.The alignment of sequences to either the NCBI reference or the TrueClone sequence published on our website will confirm that the correct full-length clone was obtained.


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