Mir30c-1 Mouse qPCR Template Standard (MI0000547)

CAT#: MK300248

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Mir30c-1 (Mouse) qSTAR miRNA primer pairs + template standard kit

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USD 330.00

2 Weeks

    • 200 reactions

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Application Plasmid of exact quantity for transcript copy number calculation
Accession No MIMAT0000514
Synonyms MI0000547; MIMAT0000514; Mir30c-1 mmu-mir-30c-1; mmu-miR-30c
Components 1 vial of lyophilized SybGREEN qPCR miRNA primer mix (1 nmol each primer, sufficient for 200 reactions), 1 vial lyophilized qPCR miRNA template standard: 50 X 10^7 copies (100 reactions)
Quality Control Each standard is generated using qSTAR miRNA primer pairs and sequence-verified prior to shipment
Storage The primer mix and template standard are stable for one year from date of shipping. Store at -20°C.
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