Immunohistochemistry Essentials

A One-Stop-Shop for ordering all your IHC reagents

Start the process by selecting the primary antibody for your gene target and end it by checking out from the cart. Click on any section in the workflow to begin your IHC reagent selection.

Primary Antibodies & CytoSections

Get a list of Primary Antibodies and corresponding verified positive controls (CytoSections): Enter the gene symbol in the box and click the refresh button.

Tissue Biorepository

Click the appropriate buttons to search for tissue blocks & sections (paraffin & frozen) for normal, cancer and other human diseases.

Antigen Retrieval Buffers (Concentrated & Ready-to-Use)

Select from a range of Heat Induced Epitope Retrieval (HIER) buffers or enzyme-based solutions.

Blocking Agents

Select the appropriate blocking agent by clicking the relevant tab.

Detection Kits

We offer detection kits based on polymer and biotin-streptavidin systems in multiple sizes & for multiple species. Click the appropriate tab for additional details. The Klear Kits are designed to detect antigens using antibodies from the same host species e.g., use of mouse antibodies on mouse tissues.


Super sensitive kits available for DAB, Nickle DAB, AEC, Fast-Red AP-Red+, AP-Blue and BCIP/NBT detection.

Mounting Medium

Select appropriate mounting medium based on chromogen or coverslip use.