Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

CAT#: AP54886SU-N

Rabbit Polyclonal anti-Delta-2 Tubulin (Detyrosinated & Decarboxylated alpha-Tubulin) Antibody

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Product Data
Applications IHC
Recommend Dilution IHC, ELISA, WB
Reactivity Human
Host Rabbit
Clonality Polyclonal
Immunogen Synthetic peptides derived from C-terminal domain of Human Tubulin
Purification Lyophilized powder<br>Serum
Background Microtubules are involved in a wide variety of cellular activities ranging from mitosis and transport events to cell movement and the maintenance of cell shape. Tubulin itself is a globular protein which consists of two polypeptides (alpha and beta tubulin). Alpha and beta tubulin dimers are assembled to 13 protofilaments that form a microtubule of 22 nm diameter. Tyrosine ligase adds a C-terminal tyrosin to monomeric alpha tubulin. Assembled microtubules can again be detyrosinated by a cytoskeleton associated carboxypeptidase. Detyrosinated alpha tubulin is referred to as Glu-tubulin. Another post-translational modification of detyrosinated alpha tubulin is C-terminal polyglutamylation which is characteristic for microtubules in neuronal cells and the mitotic spindle. Alpha tubulin is not suitable as a loading control in adipose tissue as expression of tubulin in adipose tissue is very low ( Spiegelman and Farmer, Cell, 1982, 29(1): 53-60, "in cells undergoing adipose differentiation actin synthesis decreases by 90%").
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