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Lentiviral vector system for efficient DNA delivery

Lenti System Product Sheet

OriGene is licensed to provide lentiviral vectors and related products.

  • Third generation Lenti viral system
  • Ideal for delivering DNA into hard-to-transfect and animal models
  • Replication-incompetent system for safety
  • Improved biosafety features

A. Lenti-ORF clones, Human, Mouse and Rat, Genome-wide

All lenti-ORF clones are tagged with either C-terminal Myc-DDK tag or mGFP tag.

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50% off, Over 5,000 lentiORF clones

Details of the Lenti-ORF vectors

LentiORF Vectors

  pLenti-C-Myc-DDK pLenti-C-mGFP
Vector SKU PS100064 PS100071
Vector Map pLenti-C-Myc-DDK Vector Map pLenti-C-mGFP Vector Map
Fusion Tag C-terminal Myc-DDK C-terminal mGFP
Ideal For In hard-to-transfect cells: Detection and purification of over-expressed protein Tracking the over-expressed protein in tranfected cells

Other than the above 2 Lentiviral vectors, ORF clones housed in which can be purchased directly, OriGene provides a variety of lentiviral destination vectors. The ORF inserts of all TrueORF clones can be shuttled into destination vectors via a simple cut-and-ligate process. (Learn more). OriGene provides cloning service when other destination vectors are preferred

Destination VectorSKUC-TagE. coli SelectionExpressionPrice
pLenti-N-tGFP PS100073 ChloramphenicolMammalian$670
pLenti-N-tRFPPS100077 ChloramphenicolMammalian$670
pLenti-N-tYFPPS100078 ChloramphenicolMammalian$670
pLenti-EF1a-C-Myc-DDK-IRES-Puro      PS100085Myc-DDKChloramphenicolMammalian$670
pLenti-EF1a-C-Myc-DDK-IRES-GFP     PS100086Myc-DDKChloramphenicolMammalian$670

B. Lenti-shRNAs, Human, Mouse and Rat, Genome-wide

Lenti-viral cassettes from the lenti-shRNA constructs contain three major functional elements, shRNA, a puromycin selection marker & a tGFP reporter.

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Results include shRNA and siRNA
Details of the Lenti-shRNA vectors

pGFP-C-shLenti vector

pGFP-C-shLenti vector map

pGFP-C-shLenti vector:

  • Third generation Lentivector
  • Chloramphenicol marker for bacterial selection
  • Three major functional elements within the 5’LTR and 3’LTR. All of them can be packaged to viral particles and transduced to many cell lines.
    1. shRNA expression cassette under U6 promoter
    2. Puromycin resistant for mammalian cell selection
    3. tGFP gene as reporter.

The shRNA expression cassette

  • 29mer hairpin with a 7bp loop.
  • U6 driven expression
  • A Pol III termination sequence (TTTTTT) immediately downstream of the hairpin.
  • The gene-specific shRNA cassette is sequence-verified to ensure its match to the target gene.

OriGene also has another lenti-shRNA vector, pRFP-CB-shLenti

shRNA lentiviral particles available New

  • Coverage: any shRNA, human, mouse and Rat
  • Read-to-use: just add to your cells and assay
  • Broad spectrum: Transduce dividing, non-dividing cells and in vivo
  • Biosafety: Replication deficient 3rd generation lenti particles

C. Lenti-packaging kit

SKU Description Manual Size Price Availability  
TR30022 Lenti-vpak packaging kit - packaging plasmids and transfection reagent Kits Manual 10 rxns $390 In Stock Add to Shopping Cart
TR30022P5 Lenti-vpak packaging kit - packaging plasmids and transfection reagent, 5 pack of TR30022 Kits Manual 5 x 10 rxns $1590 In Stock Add to Shopping Cart

Lenti Packaging Kits

Lentivirus related precaution and disclaimers

These products are for R&D use only, not for drug, household or other uses.

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding the hazards and safe handling practices. Although the lentiviral transduction particles produced are replication incompetent, it is highly recommended that they be treated as Risk Group Level 2 (RGL-2) organisms. Follow all published RGL-2 guideline for handling and waste decontamination.


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