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UltraMAB Logo

The Ultra Specific Antibodies

Designed for anatomic pathology

Focused on cancer biomarkers

Antibody Products

UltraMAB Antibodies

TrueMAB Primary Antibodies

Tags & Fluorescent Proteins

Secondary Antibodies

ELISA/Luminex Antibodies

Customer Testmonial

cDNA Clones
Human, mouse, rat
Expression validated

shRNA, siRNA
microRNA & 3'UTR clones

Gene Synthesis
Codon optimization
Variant libraries

Real-time PCR
Primer pairs, panels
SYBR green reagents

Lab Essentials
DNA/RNA purification kits
Transfection reagents

Anatomic Pathology
UltraMAB antibodies
Specificity validated

Recombinant Proteins
10,000 human proteins
from mammalian system

TrueMAB primary antibodies
Anti-tag antibodies

Assays and Kits
ELISA & Luminex antibodies
Autoantibody Profiling Array

Cancer & Normal Tissues
Pathologist verified
gDNA, RNA, sections, arrays

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UltraMAB™ IHC Antibodies

OriGene products have been cited in 8,000 publications

Christophorou, MA, et al. Nature, Jan 2014. [PADI4 shRNA]

Peltonen, K, et al. Cancer Cell, Jan 2014. [USP36 ORF clone]

Barnett, TC, et al. Cell Host Microbe Dec 2013. [SQSTM1 antibody]

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