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Literature Citations for OriGene clone representing NM_000598

STAT-1 expression is regulated by IGFBP-3 in malignant glioma cells and is a strong predictor of poor survival in patients with glioblastoma, Thota, B;Arimappamagan, A;Kandavel, T;Shastry, AH;Pandey, P;Chandramouli, BA;Hegde, AS;Kondaiah, P;Santosh, V;, J. Neurosurg. May 2014

IGFBP-3 methylation-derived deficiency mediates the resistance to cisplatin through the activation of the IGFIR/Akt pathway in non-small cell lung cancer, M Cortés-Sempere, M P de Miguel, O Pernía, C Rodriguez, J de Castro Carpeño,, Oncogene doi:10.1038/onc.2012.146