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Protein Citations

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A Novel Innate Response of Human Corneal Epithelium to Heat-killed Candida albicans by Producing Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins, Hua, X;Yuan, X;Li, Z;Coursey, TG;Pflugfelder, SC;Li, DQ;, PLoS ONE Jun 2015 [PGLYRP2 SKU# TP315773]

Addiction to MTH1 protein results in intense expression in human breast cancer tissue as measured by liquid chromatography-isotope-dilution tandem mass spectrometry, Coskun, E;Jaruga, P;Jemth, AS;Loseva, O;Scanlan, LD;, DNA Repair Jun 2015 [NUDT1 SKU# LY419314]

Comparative Tissue Proteomics of Microdissected Specimens Reveals Novel Candidate Biomarkers of Bladder Cancer, Chen, CL;Chung, T;Wu, CC;Ng, KF;Yu, JS;Tsai, CH;Chang, YS;Liang, Y;Tsui, KH;Chen, YT;, Mol. Cell Proteomics Jun 2015 [TAGLN2 SKU# TP303473]

Context-specific role of SOX9 in NF-Y mediated gene regulation in colorectal cancer cells, Shi, Z;Chiang, CI;Labhart, P;Zhao, Y;Yang, J;Mistretta, TA;Henning, SJ;Maity, SN;Mori-Akiyama, Y;, Nucleic Acids Res. Jun 2015 [SOX9 SKU# TP308944]

Epigenetic activation of a cryptic TBC1D16 transcript enhances melanoma progression by targeting EGFR, Vizoso, M;Ferreira, HJ;Lopez-Serra, P;Carmona, FJ;Martínez-Cardús, A;Girotti, MR;Villanueva, A;Guil, S;Moutinho, C;Liz, J;Portela, A;Heyn, H;Moran, S;Vidal, A;Martinez-Iniesta, M;Manzano, JL;Fernandez-Figueras, MT;Elez, E;Muñoz-Couselo, E;Botella-Estrada,, Nat. Med. Jun 2015 [RAB5C SKU# TP310698]

LECT2 induces atherosclerotic inflammatory reaction via CD209 receptor-mediated JNK phosphorylation in human endothelial cells, Hwang, HJ;Jung, TW;Hong, HC;Seo, JA;Kim, SG;Kim, NH;Choi, KM;Choi, DS;Baik, SH;Yoo, HJ;, Metab. Clin. Exp. Jun 2015 [LECT2 SKU# TP310790]

Targeting the LOX/hypoxia axis reverses many of the features that make pancreatic cancer deadly: inhibition of LOX abrogates metastasis and enhances drug efficacy, Miller, BW;Morton, JP;Pinese, M;Saturno, G;Jamieson, NB;McGhee, E;Timpson, P;Leach, J;McGarry, L;Shanks, E;Bailey, P;Chang, D;Oien, K;Karim, S;Au, A;Steele, C;Carter, CR;McKay, C;Anderson, K;Evans, TR;Marais, R;Springer, C;Biankin, A;Erler, JT;Sansom, OJ;, EMBO Mol Med Jun 2015 [LOX SKU# TP313323]

The hypoxic cancer secretome induces pre-metastatic bone lesions through lysyl oxidase, Cox, TR;Rumney, RM;Schoof, EM;Perryman, L;Høye, AM;Agrawal, A;Bird, D;Latif, NA;Forrest, H;Evans, HR;Huggins, ID;Lang, G;Linding, R;Gartland, A;Erler, JT;, Nature Jun 2015 [LOX SKU# TP313323]

Central role for PICALM in amyloid-[beta] blood-brain barrier transcytosis and clearance, Zhao, Z;Sagare, AP;Ma, Q;Halliday, MR;Kong, P;, Nature Neuroscience May 2015 [PICALM SKU# TP313791]

Central role for PICALM in amyloid-ß blood-brain barrier transcytosis and clearance, Zhao, Z;Sagare, AP;Ma, Q;Halliday, MR;Kong, P;Kisler, K;Winkler, EA;Ramanathan, A;Kanekiyo, T;Bu, G;Owens, NC;Rege, SV;Si, G;Ahuja, A;Zhu, D;Miller, CA;Schneider, JA;Maeda, M;Maeda, T;Sugawara, T;Ichida, JK;Zlokovic, BV;, Nat. Neurosci. May 2015 [PICALM SKU# TP313791]

Coordinated interaction of Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule and deleted in colorectal cancer with dynamic TUBB3 mediates Netrin-1-induced axon branching, Huang, H;Shao, Q;Qu, C;Yang, T;Dwyer, T;Liu, G;, Neuroscience May 2015 [TUBB3 SKU# TP300755]

Dopamine D2 and angiotensin II type 1 receptors form functional heteromers in rat striatum, Martínez-Pinilla, E;Rodríguez-Pérez, AI;Navarro, G;Aguinaga, D;Moreno, E;Lanciego, JL;Labandeira-García, JL;Franco, R;, Biochem. Pharmacol. May 2015 [AGTR1 SKU# LY429794]

Schwann Cells Metabolize Extracellular 2',3'-cAMP to 2'-AMP, Verrier, JD;Kochanek, PM;Jackson, EK;, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther. May 2015 [CNP SKU# TP307038]

Stk38 protein kinase preferentially inhibits TLR9-activated inflammatory responses by promoting MEKK2 ubiquitination in macrophages, Wen, M;Ma, X;Cheng, H;Jiang, W;Xu, X;Zhang, Y;Zhang, Y;Guo, Z;Yu, Y;Xu, H;Qian, C;Cao, X;An, H;, Nat Commun May 2015 [STK38 SKU# TP304133]

The Secreted Form of Transmembrane Protein 98 Promotes the Differentiation of T Helper 1 Cells, Fu, W;Cheng, Y;Zhang, Y;Mo, X;Li, T;Liu, Y;Wang, P;Pan, W;Chen, Y;Xue, Y;Ma, D;Zhang, Y;Han, W;, J. Interferon Cytokine Res. May 2015 [TMEM98 SKU# TP301829]


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