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ATP13A2 (Gene ID 23400) qPCR Primer Pairs


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HP214345 qSTAR qPCR primer pairs against Homo sapiens gene ATP13A2 $95 3 - 5 Days
NP100041 First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (11801-025) $140 In Stock
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Accession No.BC030267, NM_001141973, NM_001141974, NM_022089, XM_005245810, XM_005245811, XM_005245812, XM_005245815, XM_006710512, XM_006710513, XM_011541128, XM_011541129, XM_017000844, XM_017000845, XM_017000846, XM_017000847, XM_017000848, XM_017000849, XM_017000850
SynonymsCLN12; HSA9947; KRPPD; PARK9
Component1 vial of lyophilized qSTAR qPCR primer mix (1 nmol each primer, sufficient for 200 reactions)
Quality ControlThe primer mix has been tested to generate satisfactory qPCR data on ABI 7900HT
Storage & StabilityThe primer mix is stable for one year from date of shipping when stored at -20 degrees C
* Primer pairs are not supplied with RT-PCR reagents


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