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5032 TrueClone belong to family "transcription factors"


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SC100016NM_144684ZNF480ZNF480 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 480 (ZNF480)0
SC100086NM_005680TAF1BTAF1B (untagged)-Human TATA box binding protein (TBP)-associated factor, RNA polymerase I, B, 63kDa (TAF1B)0
SC100119NM_145287ZNF519ZNF519 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 519 (ZNF519), transcript variant 199
SC100209NM_145312ZNF485ZNF485 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 485 (ZNF485)0
SC100271NM_003724JRKJRK (untagged)-Human jerky homolog (mouse) (JRK), transcript variant 10
SC100310NM_003415ZNF268ZNF268 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 268 (ZNF268), transcript variant 199
SC100312NM_015655ZNF337ZNF337 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 337 (ZNF337)99
SC100366NM_032497ZNF559ZNF559 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 559 (ZNF559), transcript variant 20
SC100385NM_153607CREBRFCREBRF (untagged)-Human chromosome 5 open reading frame 41 (C5orf41), transcript variant 10
SC100396NM_153695ZNF367ZNF367 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 367 (ZNF367)0
SC100404NM_001986ETV4ETV4 (untagged)-Human ets variant 4 (ETV4), transcript variant 10
SC100411NM_006631ZNF266ZNF266 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 266 (ZNF266)0
SC100420NM_007135ZNF79ZNF79 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 79 (ZNF79)0
SC100539NM_139058ARXARX (untagged)-Human aristaless related homeobox (ARX)0
SC100618NM_152622MIER3MIER3 (untagged)-Human mesoderm induction early response 1, family member 3 (MIER3)0
SC100754NM_152360ZNF573ZNF573 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 573 (ZNF573), transcript variant 13
SC100773NM_152626ZNF92ZNF92 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 92 (ZNF92), transcript variant 20
SC100924NM_152477ZNF565ZNF565 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 565 (ZNF565), transcript variant 20
SC100942NM_152320ZNF641ZNF641 (untagged)-ORIGENE UNIQUE VARIANT 1 of Human zinc finger protein 641 (ZNF641),0
SC100974NM_153263ZNF549ZNF549 (untagged)-Human zinc finger protein 549 (ZNF549), transcript variant 20


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