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Description of the mutations of FLT4 (NM_002020) Mutants

Keys for Mutation Description

A.A. substitution
NT deletion
NT insertion
R280G: Arg at aa-position 280 mutated to Gly
R342X: R at aa-position 342 mutated to a stop codon and caused truncation of the protein
N268_D2: The deletion starts at nt#268. Two bases (including nt268) are deleted
N478-I6: The insertion starts after nt#478. Six bases are inserted


SKUMutation DescriptionAffected Codon#Affected NT#DescriptionEffect
RC402576 R844P8442531G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402577 G852S8522554G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402578 G852R8522554G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402579 G854S8542560G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402580 G854R8542560G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402581 G857R8572569G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402582 A877T8772629G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402583 v878M8782632G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402584 A915P9152743G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402585 C916W9162748C>GLymphoedema, primary
RC402586 G933R9332797G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402587 R943P9432828G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402588 Q1020L10203059A>TLymphoedema, primary
RC402589 G1024E10243071G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402590 G1024R10243070G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402591 H1035Q10353105C>GLymphoedema, primary
RC402592 H1035R10353104A>GLymphoedema, primary
RC402593 D1037Y10373109G>TLymphoedema, primary
RC402594 D1037H10373109G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402595 R1041P10413122G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402596 R1041Q10413122G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402597 R1041W10413121C>TLymphoedema, primary
RC402598 N1042S10423125A>GLymphoedema, primary
RC402599 L1044P10443131T>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402600 v1051M10513151G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402601 D1055v10553164A>TLymphoedema, primary
RC402602 D1055A10553164A>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402603 I1086T10863257T>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402604 E1106K11063316G>ALymphoedema, primary
RC402605 P1114L11143341C>TLymphoedema, primary
RC402606 Y1115C11153344A>GLymphoedema, primary
RC402607 G1131R11313391G>CLymphoedema, primary
RC402608 P1137L11373410C>TLymphoedema, primary


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