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Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ELISA (Mouse/Rat) kit


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EA100849 Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ELISA (Mouse/Rat) kit Manual $550 2-3 Weeks Add to Shopping Cart


Product NameAdrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ELISA (Mouse/Rat) kit
Size1x96 well plate
Gene ID
Gene SymbolACTH
Assay TypeSolid Phase Sandwich ELISA
Format8x12 divisible strips
Assay Length3 hours
SpecificityThis kit is used for quantitative detection Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) (Mouse/Rat)
Cross ReactivityThere is no detectable cross-reactivity with other relevant proteins.
InterferenceNo significant interference observed with available related molecules.
Sample Volume
Sample TypeSerum
Curve Range
BackgroundAdrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) is a 39-amino acid peptide hormone (MW = 4500) secreted mainly by the anterior pituitary gland. Various types of stress or pain perceived in higher levels of the brain modulate secretion of the hypothalamic neurosecretory hormone, corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH). CRH stimulates pituitary ACTH secretion. The second peptide that modulates ACTH secretion is vasopressin (AVP). AVP secretion is also stimulated by stress and acts synergistically with CRH to increase ACTH secretion in the pituitary portal circulation.
  • Microwells coated with Streptavidin: 6x2x8
  • ACTH Standard Zero: 1 bottle, Ready to use: 4 mL
  • ACTH Standards: 5 bottles (Lyophilized): 2 mL
  • Controls 1 & 2 (CTRL) (2 Vials): 2 mL
  • Biotinylated ACTH Antibody (Reagent 1): 2.7 mL
  • Enzyme labeled ACTH Antibody (Reagent 2): 2.7 mL
  • TMB Substrate (Reagent B): 15 ml
  • Stop Solution: 20 ml
  • Wash Concentrate (Reagent A): 30mL
Standard Curve spacer

The standard curve may vary based on the QC data of each batch. Please refer to the actual datasheet along with shipment.



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