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Rapid-Scan cDNA Panels

Product Listing   TissueScan, qPCR version of RapidScan available

Expression Profiling Across 24-48 Tissues In Less Than 3 hrs.

Rapid-Scan Gene Expression Panels are a panel of pre-normalized, serial diluted cDNAs derived from various tissues and/or developmental stages. A simple PCR reaction with a pair of gene-specific primers followed by an agarose gel would generate comprehensive expression profiles of any cloned gene or EST from human, mouse or Drosophila.


  • Fast and non-radioactive
  • Simultaneous examination of many different tissues and/or developmental stages
  • Highly sensitive and semi-quantitative
  • Simultaneous analysis of alternatively spliced transcripts
    Rapid-Scan Gene Expression Panels are highly sensitive and provide rapid information on transcription accumulation sites. If more exact quantification and sizing of transcripts are required, the use of Multiple-Choice Northern Blots is recommended.
  • Numerous citation from quality peer-reviewed publications.

Khong HT, Rosenberg SA. The Waardenburg syndrome type 4 gene, SOX10, is a novel tumor-associated antigen identified in a patient with a dramatic response to immunotherapy. Cancer Res. 2002 Jun 1;62(11):3020-3.

Egland KA, Kumar V, Duray P, Pastan I. Characterization of overlapping XAGE-1 transcripts encoding a cancer testis antigen expressed in lung, breast, and other types of cancers. Mol Cancer Ther. 2002 May;1(7):441-50.

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