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TrueClone Advantages

  1. TrueClone is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to de novo cloning. Although some believe that gene cloning has become molecular biology 101, this still requires substantial resources and time to clone even the most common gene into an expression vector. It should be pointed out that all of the easy-to-clone transcripts have been isolated, and the remaining are rare, large, GC-rich, or toxic to your standard cloning bacteria. Current cloning estimates of time and effort required are usually grossly underestimated.

    Why spend your time, resources and energy on gene cloning when a pre-cloned gene is available and ready to be shipped to your laboratory? Approximately half of the collection is offered at $245 for 10ug of each purified plasmid DNA.

  2. TrueClones are expression-ready and transfection-ready. All TrueClones have a strong CMV promoter upstream of the cDNA for mammalian expression. The plasmid can be transfected immediately for protein over-expression. The images below are a few samples showing the validated over-expression of several popular TrueClones in HEK293 cells.

  3. The TrueClone collection contains the largest number of full-length transcripts compared to other clone providers. Transcripts from over 98% of the human genome are offered. When you need a clone, you have the best chance of obtaining it from OriGene. While others provide the common clones, the Trueclone collection contains thousands of difficult-to-clone transcripts that are only available from OriGene. OriGene’s dedication and technological R&D effort separates TrueClone from the rest of world. Recently another 800 difficult-to-clone cDNAs were added to the TrueClone collection. (click to see list).

  4. Authenticity. Each TrueClone is derived from cDNA library instead of PCR amplification, representing a real transcript without PCR-introduced artifacts. Otherwise, your downstream application may be affected by unintended mutations.

  5. Consistent vectors. While other vendors provide clones in a conglomeration of vectors with various antibiotic selection markers and variable expression-readiness, all TrueClones are in a single series of CMV vectors. Every TrueClone is ready for immediate protein over-expression in mammalian cells or in cell-free systems utilizing T7 or SP6 promoters. A TrueClone’s expression-readiness and its uniform vector system render it ideal for high-throughput screening for functional genes. Researchers from Novartis and Harvard have pioneered such novel applications using over 10,000 TrueClones and have made several successful discoveries. (References)

  6. Accuracy. Verified, pure plasmid DNA stocks will be delivered instead of bacterial stocks. No need for colony screening, plasmid preparation and restriction digestion/sequencing, which are all necessary when ordering a clone from most suppliers.

Terms of Use

OriGene has over 30,000 human full-length cDNA clones available to the research community providing a comprehensive source for any cDNA clone. The OriGene TrueClone Collection is a searchable genebank of over 30,000 full-length human cDNA clones in expression vectors suitable for transfection into mammalian cells and for direct in vitro expression. This collection includes over 75% of the NM sequences in the NCBI RefSeq database - covering more than 65% of the predicted human cDNA repertoire - and represents the most comprehensive commercially available cDNA collection.

In addition to, but separate from the TrueClone Collection, OriGene has implemented a custom cloning service for human full-length cDNA clones which adds another 8,000 human full-length cDNA clones to our searchable database. These cDNA clones are prepared by all arts of molecular cloning at the time of order by the customer. They are provided as ORF sequenced, lyophilized plasmids subcloned in the our pCMV6 vector as non-variant match to the expected reference without frameshifts.

Greater than 99% of the cDNA clones in the TrueClone collection are obtained directly from plasmid cDNA libraries, thereby avoiding the sequence errors introduced by other cloning methods. All PCR-generated clones are fully sequenced and matched to the public records to avoid artifactual mutations.

All TrueClones have the designated transcript cloned downstream of the CMV promoter, ready to transfected into mammalian cells for protein expression and functional assay.

Continuous Expansion
OriGene is actively cloning genes every day through its proprietary RapidScreen approach. In addition, as new reference sequences become available in the public databases, OriGene will continue to match and offer clones from it's in-house genebank of 800,000 5'-end sequenced clones.

Customer-Oriented Service
When a gene is not found in the OriGene collection, customers are encouraged to submit their cloning request so that their genes of interest be placed on the priority list. Customers will be contacted when the gene is available.

Literature Citations
OriGene's TrueClone cDNA clones have been used and cited by a number of experts in the field.


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