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OriGene Antibodies in recent publications
Dissecting lipid metabolism in meibomian glands of humans and mice: An integrative study reveals a network of metabolic reactions not duplicated in other tissues Biochim. Biophys. Acta Jun 2016 [ELOVL3]

Antibody 1A4 with routine immunohistochemistry demonstrates high sensitivity for ALK rearrangement screening of Chinese lung adenocarcinoma patients: A single-center large-scale study Lung Cancer May 2016 [ALK]

Erythronium japonicum attenuates histopathological lung abnormalities in a mouse model of ovalbumin-induced asthma Int. J. Mol. Med. May 2016 [GATA3]

HDAC6-mediated EGFR stabilization and activation restrict cell response to sorafenib in non-small cell lung cancer cells Med. Oncol. May 2016 [HDAC6]

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Nov.2012 TrueMAB™ New Product Releases


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TA800966ABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI3H7 (formerly 3H7)WB$325.00
TA801008ABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2G6 (formerly 2G6)WB,IHC$379.00
TA800966CMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 3H7, FITC conjugatedWB$600.00
TA800966GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 3H7, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801005GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 5F1, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801006GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2C7, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801007GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 6H2, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801008GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2G6, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801027GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 13A11, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801056GMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2F7, DyLight 633 conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801007ABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI6H2 (formerly 6H2)WB,IHC$325.00
TA800966HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 3H7, PE conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801005HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 5F1, PE conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801006HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2C7, PE conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801007HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 6H2, PE conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801008HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2G6, PE conjugatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801027HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 13A11, PE conjugatedWB$600.00
TA801056HMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2F7, PE conjugatedWB$600.00
CF801006ABCB1Carrier-free (BSA/glycerol-free) ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2C7 (formerly 2C7)WB,IHC$450.00
CF801007ABCB1Carrier-free (BSA/glycerol-free) ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI6H2 (formerly 6H2)WB,IHC$450.00
CF801008ABCB1Carrier-free (BSA/glycerol-free) ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2G6 (formerly 2G6)WB,IHC$450.00
CF801027ABCB1Carrier-free (BSA/glycerol-free) ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI13A11 (formerly 13A11)WB$450.00
CF801056ABCB1Carrier-free (BSA/glycerol-free) ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2F7 (formerly 2F7)WB$450.00
TA801006ABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2C7 (formerly 2C7)WB,IHC$325.00
TA801056ABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI2F7 (formerly 2F7)WB$325.00
TA800966AMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 3H7, BiotinylatedWB$600.00
TA801005AMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 5F1, BiotinylatedWB$600.00
TA801006AMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2C7, BiotinylatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801007AMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 6H2, BiotinylatedWB,IHC$600.00
TA801008AMABCB1ABCB1 mouse monoclonal antibody,clone 2G6, BiotinylatedWB,IHC$600.00


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