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TA319356 Rabbit polyclonal PPAR alpha antibody 100ug $356 3-7 Days
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OriGene Data

ImmunogenThis affinity purified antibody was prepared from whole rabbit serum produced by repeated immunizations with a synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 1 to 18 of mouse PPAR alpha.
Clone Name IsotypeIgG
Species Reactivitymouse, rat, bovine, dog, golden hamster, boar Concentration1.0 mg/mL
Guaranteed Application *WB, IHC Suggested DilutionsELISA: 1:8,000 - 1:32,000, WB: 1:500 - 1:2,000, IHC: 1:100-1:300
Buffer0.02 M Potassium Phosphate, 0.15 M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.2
Note Since their discovery in the early 1990's, the peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPARs) have attracted significant attention. This is primarily because PPARs serve as receptors for two very important classes of drugs: the hypolipidemic fibrates and the insulin sensitizing thiazolidinediones.  Peroxisome proliferators are non-genotoxic carcinogens that are purported to exert their effect on cells through their interaction with members of the nuclear hormone receptor family termed PPARs. Nuclear hormone receptors are ligand-dependent intracellular proteins that stimulate transcription of specific genes by binding to specific DNA sequences following activation by the appropriate ligand. Upon binding fatty acids or hypolipidemic drugs, PPARs form heterodimers with retinoid X receptors (RXRs) and these heterodimers regulate the expression of target genes. There are 3 known subtypes of PPARs: PPAR-alpha, PPAR-delta and PPAR-gamma.  Mostly target genes are involved in the catabolism of fatty acids. Conversely, PPAR-gamma is activated by peroxisome proliferators such as prostaglandins, leukotrienes and Anti diabetic thiazolidinediones and affects the expression of genes involved in the storage of the fatty acids. PPAR-gamma may also be involved in adipocyte differentiation. It has also been shown that PPARs can induce transcription of acyl coenzyme A oxidase and cytochrome P450 through interaction with specific response elements.

Reference Data

Target NameMus musculus peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alpha (Ppara), transcript variant 1
Alternative Name4933429D07Rik; AW742785; Nr1c1; Ppar; PPAR-alpha; PPARalpha
Database LinkNP_035274
Entrez Gene 19013 Mouse
Entrez Gene 25747 Rat
Entrez Gene 403654 Dog
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WB Image
Anti-PPAR alpha (N -terminal specific) (Rabbit) to detect a 52 kDa band corresponding to PPAR alpha present in a 3T3 whole cell lysate. Approximately 20 µg of lysate was loaded per lane for SDS-PAGE.  Detection occurred after using a 1:500 (lane 1) or 1:1000 (lane 2) dilution of antibody followed by 1:2000 dilution of HRP Goat-a-Rabbit IgG for visualization.

IHC Image
IHC using anti-PPAR antibody, showing staining of PPAR alpha in rat brain sections. Bottom image shows subventricular zone (svz) of lateral ventrical (exit point of progenitor olfactory neurones); top image shows frontal cortex in the same section. Cytoplasmic staining is also observed in the corpus callosum (bottom image) and in dendritic fields of the cortex. Sections of rat brain tissue were incubated with the primary antibody at 1:200.

IHC Image
IHC showing PPAR alpha antibody staining of PPAR alpha protein in mouse liver tissue section (Formalin/PFA-fixed paraffin-embedded sections).The primary antibody was diluted 1:50 and incubated with sample in Tris plus 5% normal goat serum for 1 hour at 20°C. A Biotin conjugated goat polyclonal to rabbit IgG was used at dilution at 1:500 as secondary antibody. Images show nuclear staining in hepatocytes (perfusion-fixed mouse, 10 and 40x microscope magnification).


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