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OriGene offers hundreds of ELISA kits in immunometric assay formats. These kits allow specific, quantitative measurements of disease-related proteins, including cytokines, chemokines and signaling targets


Antibodies pairs validated for ELISA and/or Luminex are also offered. Selected and developed from OriGene’s extensive TrueMAB antibody collection, these ELISA/Luminex antibodies undergo a multi-step validation process that optimizes antibody performance to generate the best results for your ELISA and/or Luminex application. Click to view the ELISA-validated antibody pairs and Luminex-validated pairs.

Browse all ELISA kits based on alphabetical listing of symbol:

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EA100091NAMPTHuman PBEF/ Visfatin ELISA Kit (48-well)$2802-3 Weeks
EA100450NCAM1Human CD56/NCAM-1 ELISA Kit$4202-3 Weeks
EA100723Ncam1Mouse CD56/NCAM1 ELISA Kit$4002-3 Weeks
EA100327NGFHuman NGF/NGF beta ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100328NgfMouse NGF/NGF beta ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100329NgfRat NGF/NGF beta ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100543NID1Human Nidogen-1/Entactin/NID-1 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100526NOVHuman NOV/CCN3 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA101113NOV/CCN3NOV/CCN3 ELISA Kit$4552-3 Weeks
EA100833NRG1Human Neuregulin-1/NRG1-beta1 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100807Nrp1Mouse Neuropilin-1 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100808Nrp1Rat Neuropilin-1 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100817NRP1Human Neuropilin-1 ELISA Kit$4002-3 Weeks
EA100809Nrp2Mouse Neuropilin-2 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100810Nrp2Rat Neuropilin-2 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100330NTF3Human Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100331Ntf3Mouse Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100332Ntf3Rat Neurotrophin-3 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100333NTF4Human NT-4 ELISA Kit$3892-3 Weeks
EA100534NTRK1Human TrkA ELISA Kit$4202-3 Weeks
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