First-Strand cDNA FAQs

1. How are Multiple-ChoiceG?ó First-Strand cDNAs made

The cDNAs are synthesized by reverse-transcription of polyA+ RNAs using oligo-dT primer. The polyA+ RNAs are prepared from total RNAs by double purification with oligo-dT affinity method. This procedure greatly enriches the mRNA and increases the chances for successful cDNA amplification of rare transcripts.

2. How much cDNA is provided in each cDNA kit?

For orders of cDNA from individual organs, three 20ul (~5ng/ul) vials of cDNA samples are included in one kit, along with primer pairs of beta-actin for positive control. Each order is enough for 30 reactions.
For orders of a cDNA set of six tissues, one 20ul (~5ng/ul) vial of cDNA from each tissue is included in each kit, along with primer pairs of beta-actin and cyclophilin for positive control. Each order is sufficient for 10 reactions for each tissue.

3. I need to cite your product for a paper I am writing. What language should I use?

We recommend that you refer to the product by its specific catalog number and refer to us as OriGene Technologies (Rockville, MD). Furthermore, we'd love to hear from you when your paper is published. Inform us and we will send a gift.