Custom Cloning Service

With more than 140,000 different cDNA clones across human, mouse and rat genomes, OriGene provides fast service of subcloning or mutagenesis on any OriGene clone.

OriGene has over 110 cloning vectors of different types of tags, including no tag, epitope tags, fluorescent tags, or mammalian selection markers. Those vectors are regular mammalian expression vectors, lentiviral vectors, AAV vectors or bacterial expression vectors.

Let OriGene do the cloning work, so you can focus on your scientific discovery.

Services Provided:

Clone Modification

Customize an OriGene clone

  • Subcloning
  • Mutagenesis
  • Insertion/deletion
Clone Modification
Gene synthesis

Clone your sequence into an OriGene vector

  • Step 1. Submit your sequence
  • Step 2. Select an OriGene vector
  • Step 3. Submit request and wait for quote
Gene Synthesis

Vector Expression Systems Available from OriGene:

  • Mammalian expression
  • Lentiviral system
  • AAV
  • Bacterial

Different tags/selection markers:

  • Epitope tags: Flag, HA, His, Myc, FC, GST
  • Fluorescent tags: GFP, RFP, BFP, YFP, Cyan, Far-red
  • Mammalian selection markers: neomycin, puromycin, blasticidin, Hygromycin
  • Different promoters: CMV, EF1a

OriGene also has a gene synthesis collaborator, Blue Heron Biotech, that can synthesize any sequence of your interest.