AAV Packaging Service

Recombinant adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a popular and efficient viral vector used for in vitro and in vivo gene delivery. OriGene offers superior AAV packaging services for all projects, large and small. AAVs have emerged as one of the most effective vehicles for gene therapy due to their transduction efficiency, non-pathogenicity, and low immunogenicity.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 11 different serotypes available: AAV-1, AAV-2, AAV-3, AAV-5, AAV-6, AAV-7, AAV-8, AAV-9, AAV-rh.10, AAV-DJ, AAV-PHP.eb
  • Fast turnaround time: 2-3 weeks
  • Competitive titer: > 1x1013 GC/mL guaranteed
  • Flexibility: Customizable volumes, titers, and purification

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Recombinant AAV Packaging Workflow

AAV Packaging Service

Producing high quality AAV can be difficult and time consuming. Our highly experienced AAV team is ready to tackle difficult cloning projects to save you time and effort.

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