CRISPR vectors

OriGene offers a variety of CRISPR/Cas9 vectors for genome editing.

  • All-in-One vectors: Contain both gRNA and Cas9 expression (lenti option available).
  • T7 vectors: For in vitro production of gRNA and Cas9 mRNA
  • Cas9 Nickase: Decrease off-targeting
  • xCas9: Evolved Cas9 variants with broad PAM compatibility and high DNA specificity
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SKU Name Vector Type Mammalian Selection
GE100002 pCas-Guide Non-viral  
GE100018 pCas-Guide-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
GE100140 pCas-Guide-EF1a-RFP Non-viral  
GE100022 pCas-Guide-EF1a-CD4 Non-viral  
GE100010 pLenti-Cas-Guide Lentiviral  
GE100045 pLenti-EF1a-Cas-Guide Lentiviral  
GE100003 pCas-Scramble Non-viral  
GE100021 pCas-Scramble-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
gRNA only vectors GE100042 pGuide Non-viral  
GE100044 pGuide-EF1a-GFP Non-viral  
GE100032 pLenti-Guide-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
Cas9 only vectors GE100037 pAAVS1-Cas9-Puro-DNR Non-viral Puromycin
GE100039 pAAVS1-Cas9-BSD-DNR Non-viral Puromycin
GE100028 pLenti-Cas9 Lentiviral  
GE100029 pLenti-Cas9-IRES-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100030 pLenti-EF1a-Cas9-IRES-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100031 pLenti-Cas9-P2A-tGFP Lentiviral  
GE100075 pLenti-Cas9-Myc-DDK-P2A-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
GE100076 pLenti-Cas9-mGFP-P2A-Puro Lentiviral Puromycin
T7 vectors
GE100025 pT7-Guide-IVT Non-viral  
GE100014 pT7-Cas9 Non-viral Neomycin
Cas9 Nickase GE100019 pCas-Guide-Nickase (H840A) Non-viral  
GE100062 pCas-Guide-Nickase (D10A) Non-viral  
GE100020 pT7-Cas9-Nickase (D10A) Non-viral Neomycin
Cas9 Dead Mutant GE100061 pCas-Guide-Nickase (D10A, H840A) Non-viral  
xCas9 Mutant GE100078 p-xCas9-Guide Non-viral  
Accessories GE100007 Annealing Buffer Non-viral Neomycin
GE100008 CF3 Primer Non-viral Neomycin
GE100017 pCMV6-Entry-Cre Non-viral Neomycin

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