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What are CytoSections?

CytoSections are FFPE sections of transiently transfected cDNA-specific gene targets expressed in human HEK293T cells, providing dependable and renewable positive control solutions to the IHC, ICC, and ISH users.

When can CytoSections be used?

  • Positive Control for IHC/ICC/ISH Workflow:

    Eliminate positive control hunting - CytoSections integrate into your existing workflow (click here to learn more)

  • Validate Antibodies Faster:

    Screen large pools for specific antibodies, including for those against rare mutations, without wasting tissues, time, or money (click here to learn more)

  • Multicenter Reference:

    Ideal reference for consistent results across labs

"The CytoSection approach has been very effective and will become an integral part of our workflow. Thanks to all at OriGene for their support."

-A Major Pharmaceutical Customer

Key Features and Benefits

  • Study Rare Gene Mutations:

    • Access hard-to-find gene mutations with custom CytoSections

  • Save Precious Tissue, Time, and Money

    • Start experiments right away knowing that target expression for each lot is verified
    • FFPE sections are comparable to your samples and easily incorporated into existing workflows
    • Do not waste precious tissue for assay optimization and costly method development
    • Once your assay is developed, cost effectively obtain as many slides as you need

  • Increase Your Confidence in Generating Reproducible Date

    • Transient transfection ensures consistent gene expression, unlike stable cell lines where expression can change over time, creating lot to lot variability
    • No section-to-section expression variability

How are CytoSections made for your specific gene target?


TrueORF cDNA clones containing the gene of interest (GOI) are transiently transfected into mammalian cells. The transfected cells are spun down into a cell pellet, which is tested to validate the expression of the GOI before creating the FFPE block. Subsequently, the block is cut into thin slices and placed on a slide.

Use Case

Positive and Negative Controls for IHC, ICC, and ISH Workflow

Select hundreds of CytoSections as reliable controls for your IHC, ICC, or ISH experiments and incorporate them easily into your assay workflow. Replace the tissue controls for consistent and reproducible results from CytoSections.

IHC staining of MAGEA3 CytoSection TS403288P5 using anti-MAGEA3 TA800804
IHC staining of negative control unaffected HEK293T CytoSection TC400001 using anti-MAGEA3 TA800804

IDH1 (R132H) Mutant-Specific Antibody Screening, Validation, and Specificity

CytoSections enables identifying the right antibody for your research. See how CytoSections, featuring WT or mutant IDH1 (R132H) protein, helped screening and validation of specific antibody against the mutant IDH1 (R132H).

TS60096P5 TS60096P5 TS60096P5 TS60096P5


IDH1 (WT) TS410582P5

IDH1 (R132H) TS600096P5

IDH1 (WT) TS410582P5

IDH1 (R132H) TS600096P5

IDH1 (R132H) Antibody








CytoSections offer positive controls for a vast library of genes. If you do not see your desired gene of interest, fill out our custom quote form, and our experienced scientists will design CytoSections to fit your needs.

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