Custom Protein Service

Custom Proteins

"We are very happy with the HSD17B13 protein from OriGene and found great quality for our internal quality control. We've been very happy with your customer service as well and appreciated when there was a labeling mishap on one of the proteins OriGene promptly provided a new corrected protein sample."

-Scientist from a pharmaceutical company

Why Choose OriGene's Custom Protein Service

For over twenty years, our mission has been to assist scientific communities by offering comprehensive custom protein services, from gene cloning to protein purification. OriGene is here to provide tailored solutions for your unique and specialized protein needs. We have the experience and knowledge to develop the protein you need to reach your research goals.

  • Experience: >12,000 cataloged recombinant protein targets
  • Complete service: From 'Clone to Protein'
  • Proteins to your specification: Custom modifications, mutations, conjugations, formulations, and bulk production
  • Quality you can trust: Stringent quality as our catalog products
  • Transparency: Dedicated project manager and clear communication about pricing and project status

Custom Protein Service Highlights

  • >2,000 successful custom protein service projects from >500 customers
  • Multiple expression systems: mammalian (HEK293T or CHO), insect (sf9), bacterial (E. coli), and yeast (P. pastoris)
  • Scalable from 20 ug to gm levels
  • Multiple tags (N-fusion or C-fusion) or tag-free options
  • Site-specific biotinylation with BirA
  • Size exclusion chromatography (SEC) purification options available

Case Studies of Recombinant Protein Production Service

protein from 4 different expression systems

Available Custom Recombinant Protein Expression Systems

Expression System Common Applications Advantages Challenges


Custom Proteins Mammalian
  • Functional and structural analysis
  • Antibody production
  • Protein interactions
  • Production of enzyme in large scale
  • Virus production
  • Most authentic human protein products
  • Best preservation of native structure, function, and post-translational modifications
  • Create stable production cell lines for scalable solutions
  • Complex culture conditions
  • Costly set-up and maintenance
  • Low yields
  • Scaling difficulties


Custom Proteins
  • Functional and structural analysis
  • Expression of protein complexes
  • Expression of intracellular proteins
  • Virus-like particles production
  • Post-translation modifications profile is similar to mammalian cells
  • Effective protein folding
  • More scalable than mammalian cells
  • Virus production can be time consuming
  • Tricky to culture
  • Infection can induce premature lysis


Custom Proteins
  • Structural analysis
  • Antibody production
  • Protein interactions
  • Enzyme production
  • Vaccine development
  • Simple vector construction
  • Straightforward culture methods
  • High yields
  • Amenable to scaling
  • No post-translation modifications
  • Improperly folded product
  • Susceptible to aggregation
  • Potential endotoxin contamination

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