Custom Proteins

Custom Proteins

Origene offers comprehensive custom protein services starting from gene cloning through protein purification. Our services include custom modifications and we provide the protein in your preferred buffer on request. Each protein undergoes established quality control checks before shipment.

Why OriGene’s Custom Protein Service

  • 20+ years experience in mammalian protein production
  • Dedicated Project Manager for your project
  • Complete service 'Clone to protein'

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Custom Proteins

Service Highlights

  • Three different Cell Based Expression Systems
  • Complete service from cDNA cloning to protein purification, starting from any step
  • Multiple tags with tag-free option also available
  • Site specific enzymatic biotinylation (in vitro and in vivo)
  • Post-translational modifications with native folding

"We are very happy with the HSD17B13 protein from OriGene and found great quality for our internal quality control. We’ve been very happy with your customer service as well and appreciated when there was a labeling mishap on one of the proteins OriGene promptly provided a new corrected protein sample."

~Scientist from a pharmaceutical company

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Expression system

Custom Proteins
Custom Proteins
Custom Proteins

Comparison of different protein expression systems

protein expression systems protein expression systems

Case Studies of Recombinant Protein Production Service

protein from 4 different expression systems