Viromer® – Virus-like polymer, active escape transfection reagent

Viromers, a technology breakthrough, take advantage of a viral fusion mechanism (hence their name) and translate this into polymer chemistry for plasmid and siRNA transfection

  • Superior transfection efficiency, active endosome escape, maximizes transfection efficacy and reduces background
  • Simplified use, no need to remove serum or antibiotics
  • Lipid-free, no interaction with cell metabolism
  • Reverse Transfection, ready for High-throughput Screening
  • Best for hard-to-transfect cells
       - primary cells,
       - differentiating or stem cells
       - suspension cells

Cell Lines Tested        Cell Lines Tested

Active Endosome Escape
SKU Description Manual
TT100302 Viromer Red, transfection reagent for plasmid and mRNA (900 rxns)
TT100303 Viromer Yellow, transfection reagent for plasmid and mRNA (900 rxns)
TT100300 Viromer Blue, transfection reagent for siRNA (600 rxns)
TT100301 Viromer Green, transfection reagent for siRNA (600 rxns)

Viromers® come in different flavours: BLUE and GREEN are optimized for siRNA and miRNA transfection, RED and YELLOW are especially developed for plasmid DNA and mRNA transfection.

Free Samples

Which Viromer works better for your cells? Try the Viromer samples (50 uL for Blue and Green, 20 uL for Red, 50 RXN for Viromer CRISPR)! Cat# for the Viromer samples, TT100308 (Red), TT100305 (Blue), TT100306 (Green), TT100310 (Viromer CRISPR)

Free Viromer samples with purchase of any OriGene’s product.

Viromer samples are available for $50 each when ordered alone.

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Transfecting Immune cells and Myocytes

  Cell Type Recommended Viromers Data
Immune Cell Raw 264.7, mouse macrophage Viromer Red (plasmid)
Viromer Blue (siRNA)
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THP-1, monocyte Viromer Blue (siRNA)
Primary macrophage Viromer Red (plasmid)
Viromer Green (siRNA)
Primary monocyte Viromer Red (plasmid)
Myocytes C2C12, mouse myoblast Viromer Red (plasmid)
Viromer Blue (siRNA)
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H9C2, cardiomyocyte Viromer Red (plasmid)
Primary myoblast Viromer Blue (siRNA)
Primary cardiomyocyte Viromer Yellow (plasmid)

Viromer Red (DNA Transfection), RAW 264.7

Viromer Red (DNA Transfection)

Viromer Blue (siRNA Transfection)

Viromer Blue (siRNA Transfection)

P4E6 prostate cancer cells. Red: florescence labelled siRNA

Viromer Red (mRNA Transfection)

Viromer Red (miRNA Transfection)

Primary monocytes tranfected with capped GFP mRNA