Turbo-mRNA Transfection Kit

A high efficiency, low toxicity transfection reagent for large RNA and CRISPR guide RNA

Turbo-mRNA Transfection Kit is designed to transfect RNA into a broad range of cell types with minimal cellular toxicity. RNA delivery avoids transcriptional regulation effects by directly delivering the RNA to the cytoplasm for expression. The Turbo-mRNA Transfection Kit can be used to deliver a variety of RNA molecules including mRNAs and viral RNAs (2–10 kb). It can be used for multiple applications such as short-term protein expression, viral production and replication studies.
Turbo-mRNA Transfection Kit contains two components, namely: Turbo-mRNA Reagent and the mRNA Boost Reagent. This kit is compatible with serum; transfection efficiency is optimal when transfections are performed in the presence of serum, with no medium change required.


  • High Efficiency and low cytotoxicw cytotoxiity
  • Serum Compatible – Don’t need to change media
  • Deliver Various Sizes of RNA

Turbo-mRNA Transfection Kits

Catalog No. Description Manual
TT100314 Turbo-mRNA Transfection kit (1 vial of 1 mL Turbo-mRNA reagent and 1 vial of 1 mL mRNA Boost reagent
TT100314L Turbo-mRNA Transfection kit (5 vials of 1 mL Turbo-mRNA reagent and 5 vials of 1 mL mRNA Boost reagent)