Request Quote for Synthetic sgRNAs

The are two ways for you to request sgRNAs

  • Input the sequence of a 17-20 nt target sequence for each sgRNA.
  • Input just the target gene name then select from a OriGene a list of pre-designed sgRNAs. OriGene designed the sgRNA based on our best knowledge. Yet due to the nature of science and multiple factors beyond our control, we do not offer guarantee on the effectiveness of the sgRNAs.
Input the sequence of gRNAs
Input the target gene name (H/M Only)

How to order

  • Click on the quote button and input a 17-20nt target sequence for each sgRNA
  • OriGene recommends 3-5 sgRNA per target.
  • Place order via email or phone call (1.888.267.4436)
  • Contact us for modified RNA option or volume discount

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