Mouse MGC-Plus Clone Collection: Mouse Full-Length cDNA Clones

OriGene has expanded its TrueClone collection with the addition of a large collection of mouse full-length cDNA clones in a selectable mammalian expression vector. All Mouse Clones are derived from the NIH MGC Clone collection with significant improvement on the vector. The major differences are summarized below.

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PCMV6KN Cloning vector PCMV6-Kan/Neo, 10 ug circular vector In Stock

TrueClone Mouse Vector map: download: Application Guide Cloning map and Vector sequence

KanNeo no sfiisite vector map

For genes cloned with Sfi I sites, the alternative vector (see below) is used.
Download: Vector Map and Cloning Map

Features of the TrueClone Mouse Vector

  1. The CMV promoter and a Kozak consensus sequence drive protein expression in mammalian cells.
  2. Ten (10) ug of purified plasmid is provided for immediate transfection and expression experiments.
  3. An antibiotic selection cassette (Kanr/ Neor) confers resistance to kanamycin in E. coli and neomycin analogs in mammalian cells.
  4. The T7 promoter upstream of the ORF allows protein expression in cell-free system.
  5. Each clone contains a fully verified insert sequence.

Example Verification of Protein Over-expression by Western blot