With a collection of over 100,000 primary antibodies and commonly used secondary and tag antibodies, OriGene offers an extensive range of antibodies from various species. We use advanced technologies to generate better antigens and validate the antibodies through multiple applications and protein samples. Our premium antibody brands include TrueMAB®, UltraMAB®, and TrueRAB.

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Specificity Validation Of OriGene Antibodies

Specificity is one of the most important attributes of antibodies. At OriGene, we have been working hard to validate specificities of our antibodies.  

Validation Methods

  • Predicted band detected in Western blot analysis
  • Independent antibody strategies
  • 10k protein chip
  • Western blot using Knockout cell lysates

Example Data

Specificity Validation for OriGene antibody Cat. No. UM500036
anti-her2 validation with over expression and endogenous lysates

Figure 1. Specificity validation of anti-Her2 antibody (Cat. No. UM500036) using human Her2 overexpression cell lysates and endogenous cell line lysates. UM500036 can recognize the specific Her2 protein at predicted size (~140KDa) in overexpression cell ysate (lane 1 ) and endogenous lysates prepared from Hela, A549 and MCF7 cell lines. The specificity is further proved by using an independent antibody (anti-DDK antibody in the middle) against the same recombinant overexpressed Her2 protein.

anti-her2 validation with 10k protein chip

Figure 2. Specificity validation of anti-Her2 antibody (Cat. No. UM500036) using 10k protein chip technology. UM500036 shows no cross-reactivity with other protein on the tested protein microarray containing >10,000 overexpression lysates for different human proteins.

anti-her2 validation with-ko cell ysate

Figure 3. Specificity validation of anti-Her2 antibody (Cat. No. UM500036) using Her2 knockout cell lysate. UM500036 recognizes the specific Her2 protein at correct size in wild type Hela cell lysate (WT lane), and shows cross-reactivity with any other protein in the double knockout cell lysates (KO lane).
WT: parental wild type Hela cell lysate
KO: Her2 double knockout Hela cell lysate

Recent Citations using our Antibodies

1. Saikosaponin A protects against uremic toxin indole‑3 acetic acid‑induced damage to the myocardium

Published in Molecular Medicine Reports, 2023 Sep, using TA130015
PubMed: 37417356

2. Targeting ANXA7/LAMP5-mTOR axis attenuates spinal cord injury by inhibiting neuronal apoptosis via enhancing autophagy in mice

Published in Cell Death Discovery, 2023 Aug, using R1107
PubMed: 37620352

3. A pH‑responsive hyaluronic acid nano‑vehicle co‑encapsulating doxorubicin and all‑trans retinoic acid for the inhibition of hepatic stellate cell‑induced tumor growth and metastasis

Published in Molecular Medicine Reports, 2023 Aug, using TA130015
PubMed: 37326031

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